April CDBA Event

By Jeffrey Bohrman, Ph.D.

Many thanks go to Mindy Joy Mayer for great job well done on Saturday, March 9th at the CDBA St. Patrick’s Day event. I understand that you all had fun and enjoyed being together with new and old friends. Thanks go out to Joann Rushing and others who pitched in with Mindy Joy during my absence as I was being honored back in “my old home” of OH for starting up the Ohio Association of the Deaf-Blind 25 years ago with my keynote address and received a magnificent plague. And CDBA raised a fantastic amount of $337 which we all truly appreciate your support for CDBA.

I have two announcements for April. First, I am sorry to report that there will be no CDBA event at the Chicago Lighthouse on Saturday, April 13th. The reason for this is, however, there will be a BIG event on Saturday, April 6th. Where and what???? There will be a large Deaf Nation Expo event at Harper College with many fantastic exhibits from

major Deaf companies and others from all over the country to visit and learn what’s new out there.   Please do check out the following website:



Speaking of the website, it is most urgently encouraged that you sign up in advance and get your admission pass from the website before you go as the lines to register on the site will be a long and it would be a terrible waste of your time to just stand in the line to await for your turn to register. Chicago Lighthouse/Deaf-Blind Booth will have a booth

so please do stop by and say hello to those whoever is manning the booth at that moment. You are totally responsible for getting your own SSP as well as your own transportation to go to the Expo. We will not plan to have SSPs on site to give to you so please go out and get one SSP to take you up there for a fun-filled day.

In May we are going to have our famous annual CDBA Mexican holiday celebration. As usual, delicious Mexican feast will be provided along with our super fun-fun-filled time with batting the pinata to break it open to get our treats! Let’s see what the treats are going to be this year which may be a surprise to us all. We will send out an announcement as soon as details are worked out.

Enjoy spring and hope to see all of you at the Deaf Nation Expo??

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