Beautiful and Joyous Holidays Are Upon Us!

By Jeffrey Bohrman, Ph.D.


What a way CDBA opened the holiday season with a very festive Thanksgiving lunch on November10th. Thank you all who brought many delicious side dishes to share with us all and I know we all ate to our heart’s content. And then we had lots of fun playing Bingo afterwards. Congratulations to all the winners. OH, one thing I want to mention something special about food being brought in, Elizabeth Klein, one of our long time SSP and beloved sister of Catherine (DeafBlind), baked Jeri Lawhorn (may she rest in peace) favorite pie, which was a sweet potato, in her honor. We all sure do miss her charm and warmth to us all. Thank you, Elizabeth, and the pie was all gone in no time!


Now we are going to celebrate Hanukah and Christmas as well as New Year with a wonderful holiday party being planned for all of you out there. Oh Yes! Santa is coming down the chimney right outside the cafeteria entrance to bring gifts to all of the DeafBlind attendees. So you must RSBP to Mindy Joy Mayer no later than Wednesday, December 6th to ensure you’re getting the gift as there will be no gifts for those DeafBlind who did not RSVP and just came in expecting to have delicious lunch which will of course be offered but will not get to meet the Santa and get the gift. See below for further details….


When:   Saturday, December 8th

Time:   11 AM to 3 PM

Where: Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

1850 Roosevelt Toad

Chicago, IL

If there are any of you coming into the city by train and need a ride to the Lighthouse, please let Mindy Joy know and we will be very happy to pick you up and bring to the Lighthouse and also back to the station after the event. Delicious lunch will be served -the good news is that we are not serving pizza or even Jimmy Johns so come hungry and ready to eat. As always in the past, we encourage you to bring dessert to share with us all. While we are not charging you for the lunch, we do ask, however, to consider to make a donation to CDBA to help defray the costs of lunch particularly for the SSPs who are volunteering their time to help us all year around at our meetings. Thank you SSPs and we LOVE you all. WE can always use more SSPs at each meeting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Mindy Joy. OH yes, please do send your RSVP to Mindy Joy at:

or text message at 773-831-0067

Joann Rushing at 312-666.1331 Ext 3415 or cell phone at 815-922-5938

Please send your RSVPs to Mindy Joy by Wednesday, December 6th at 3 PM. This is important if you want Santa to bring you a gift.

WE may sing some Christmas carols if time permits – both signing and voices will be seen and heard which is always a beautiful sight! Such wonderful holiday spirit you all will be shown on December 8th. Please come one and all!

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