Chicago Tactile Nights is here!

After months of talking about it, it is FINALLY going to happen.  Introducing Chicago Tactile Nights, a monthly social gathering designed to help people practice and strengthen their tactile signing skills.

This is open to EVERYONE who can use sign language, not just DeafBlind people.

When and Where:

Wednesday, May 29,2013  Dave and Buster's Logo
7:00 P.M.
Dave and Buster’s
1030 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL  60610
Near the Chicago Red Line Subway Clark/Division station.

You should go if you are:

  • a skilled DeafBlind tactile signer willing to mentor others
  • a DeafBlind signer who wants to practice tactile signing
  • Deaf/Hearing and sighted wanting to learn more about DeafBlind interaction
  • a family member or friend and want to strengthen communication with your loved one
  • a sign language student
  • working in a field that may interact with DeafBlind people.

For obvious reasons, a person who is not familiar with signing may not be able to fully participate in tactile signing activities.  However, if you are interested, motivated or just want to observe, you are still welcome.  You may still benefit by learning some basic tactile communication gestures.

Communication, in all forms, is what strengthens the bond between all people!

How Chicago Tactile Nights work?

Throughout the evening, you are encouraged to use tactile signing.  Regardless  of whether you are visually-impaired or sighted, you should practice reading tactile sign.  Even if you are sighted, the more you understand how tactile signing is received, the better you will be at providing tactile signing to others.

We recognize that tactile signing can be exhausting to beginners.  Do take breaks as you see fit.  But, there will be intermittent periods when we announce “Tactile Only!”  During that time period, no one will be allowed to use sighted signing or voice.

As we progress over the months, we as a community, will come up with creative exercises and fun games to further sharpen our skills.

Chicago Tactile Nights is not owned by any organization.  This is completely grassroots organized.  As a community, we will determine dates and locations for each month’s event.   Maybe we will stay in the same location, or maybe we will want to go to new and exciting locations each month.  Up to you as a community to decide.

IMPORTANT to note:

Because this is community self-organized, we will not provide any interpreters, SSPs or transportation assistance.  It is up to you to make personal arrangements to get to Dave and Buster’s.

It’s your night, make it a Tactile Night!

For more information, contact us at