Valentine’s at Le COBDA Was Great!

We had a great time at the last Le COBDA meeting in February.  Lots of people showed up and we had some awesome guests.  We had a few new people come to the event and it is great to see our Le COBDA community growing!

Joan recognized many of our faithful, loyal, committed and gracious volunteers, giving thanks to our many volunteers with sweet treats!  Thank you for the bringing the Deaf-Blind members to the meetings, for interpreting, guiding, carrying food, running to the trains for pick-ups and drop-offs, helping with the fundraising, and the hundreds of other necessary assistances you provide!

Unfortunately, our president, Celine Bush, was unable to attend the February meeting.  We wish to express our condolences on the passing of her sister and join together in saying prayers for her.


We had several fundraising opportunities to raise money for our next Illinois DeafBlind Retreat to be held in 2014.

Mindy Joy and Julie are selling raffle tickets, $5 each or 3 for $10.  1st prize is $500, 2nd prize is $300 and 3 prize is $100.  They will sell raffle tickets until July.  The winners will be announced on the July cruise, but do not need to be present.

Elke W, friend of several Deaf-Blind members, brought the “Miche” collection of changeable handbags and wallets for sale. The clever bags have interchangeable shells to give you a variety of good looks.  Each sale at the LeCOBDA meeting earned more money toward the Deaf-Blind Retreat.

With the success of Scentsy and now Miche, Joann wondered if the Le COBDA members think it is a good idea to find more businesses to come to the meetings and sell their products with a percentage of the profit going to the Deaf-Blind Retreat.  What do you think about that idea?  Do you know any businesses that could come and sell goods at the LeCOBDA meetings?

Presenting ILDBA

The Illinois Association of the Deaf-Blind returned to Le COBDA to give a great overview of their organization.

Karyn Campbell, Renee Ingalsbe and Laura Ebersohl came to Chicago for the Le COBDA meeting.  The Illinois Association of Deaf-Blind is still seeking members.  Join now and grow the ILADB powerbase.  Membership is free at this time.  After ILADB receives its 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization, membership will cost money.  The ILADB will be your advocate to the state and federal government for the SSP Taskforce, rehabilitation services and other services and programs specifically for the Deaf-Blind.  Alone, your one voice may not be heard, but when you group together with Deaf-Blind across the state of Illinois, legislators will listen.  Also, the position of Treasurer is still open and two Board member positions need to be filled.  Contact ILADB at:

Come to our meetings!

As you can see, our meetings are always a lot of fun.  You get to meet great people and new friends and learn quite a bit about what’s going on around the community.  If you haven’t come to  our meetings yet, don’t miss the next one on March 9th at the Chicago Lighthouse, 1850 W. Roosevelt Road, in Chicago.  We’re all going green for St. Paddy’s Day!