Catharine A. Papish

Dear Community,


Many of you may remember Catharine A. Papish, who was the Helen Keller National Center Regional as Assistant to the Region 5 states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

We have recently been informed that Catharine was in a tragic automobile accident on Saturday, November 26 in Kentucky.   Services were held today, Friday December 2, in East Moline, IL and she was interred at St. Mary’s Mausoleum, also in East Moline, IL.

Catharine is survived by her husband, Vincent Papish, a daughter named Trinity, and a son named Dustin.   She also had several grandchildren and many neices and nephews.

Catharine was born in 1958 and was married in 1993.  She was 58 years old at the time of her passing.

We join in expressing our deepest condolences to the Papish family in this time of deep sorrow and sudden loss.  She is fondly remembered by many in the DeafBlind community over the years for her work in ensuring that members of the community receive access to services.   And we extend our condolences to the HKNC family, and particularly to Laura J. Thomas, who worked closely with Catharine for many years as Regional Representative, as well as to Judy Knisely who is the current Regional Representative for Region 5 and also has worked closely with Catharine.


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  1. Dear ChicagoDeafBlind,

    Thank you for fondly remembering Catharine and expressing your condolences.

    I know, as Catharine always expressed herself to me, how much Catharine loved and enjoyed all of you. You helped fulfill Catharine’s respect of life and love for each other.

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