CDBA and CCD reunited again!

Hey folks,

It’s just one week before our annual Holiday Party and as noted in previous posts, we will be having our event on December 9th at the Chicago Lighthouse.  We’re very excited that the Chicago Club of the Deaf is reuniting with us to co-host the wonderful event.

Meanwhile, I just got a call from Santa.   He called me on the new DeafBlind videophone.  Way cool!   He asked me to find out how many of you will be there so he can make sure there’s enough gifts for everyone.   Gifts will be given to DeafBlind eople as well as children.  So, can you please send me a email at and I will pass along the word to Santa about who will be there.  Santa said he wants to make sure everyone goes home happy!

For lunch, we will have the same style as last year.  Pizza for everyone plus we ask everyone to bring some kind of favorite holiday dessert.  We will provide the beverages.

As always, family members and friends are welcome to join us.  We also welcome SSPs to join us and be our elves in the room!

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week.  Stay warm and safe for the holidays!


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