CDBA, Are you getting hungry?

Hello DeafBlind community!

First, we apologize for the delay in this message.  Our website was down, but we are now up and running again.   We hope it will be stable this time.  So, let’s get started with upcoming news.

Last month was an amazing success with Humanware coming to our event and we were able to play with the new DeafBlind videophone.   Lots of people were excited and are interested in getting for themselves.  If you haven’t tried it yet, send us an email and we’ll try to arrange a demonstration for you.

Our next big event will be on November 18th.  It will be time for our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon.  We are going to do the same thing as last year…  Potluck Turkey dinner.  CDBA will be providing the turkey and beverages.  We ask you all to bring something delicious.  We had so much amazing delicious foods to try out last year!  We want to do the same again.    Please send us an email with your planned potluck contribution.

After the luncheon, we will have our Paratransit Public Forum.  As some of you know, CDBA has been working with PACE and legal representatives to resolve issues about accessbility for DeafBlind riders of paratransit.   In our next step, we need for you all to voice your concerns about your experiences so we can properly document it and help to make improvements in the PACE paratransit system for all of you!

For December, we will have our annual December Holiday Party.  Yes, the rumors are true…  The DeaefBlind Santa has already promised he will come by and bring gifts for everyone.   That event will be on December 9th.  More details about this event will come soon.

Remember, CDBA events are open to everyone.  That means you can bring your family, your kids, your parents, your friends.  And we welcome newcomer DeafBlind people too!

For our November 18 event, it will be held at the Chicago Lighthouse at 1850 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL     From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.   If you will have a driver, be sure to tell the driver to pick you up no later than 3 p.m.

Please do let us know if you are coming, if possible.   Send an email to

We also welcome volunteer SSPs and interpreters.  If you would like to be a volunteer SSP or would like to learn more about how to become an SSP, please send us an email!

See you all on Novemer 18th with empty bellies!


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