CDBA Members

By Jeffrey Bohrman, Ph.D.

Hello Members of CDBA.  Here is something you can do to pass your time this winter and good excuse to get out of your house to do some fun and constructive.  It is absolutely NOT too late to sign up as I have signed in right in the middle of the term.  This course is open to those who are visually impaired, blind, deaf, hard-of-hearing, and of course DeafBlind!  I am taking a break from attending this class; however, I will definitely go back for the spring term starting around the first week in April is addition to Gardening class if they are offering this to us again.  What a beautiful way to come out of hibernation and start being outside more in the spring!   

If you are planning to attend this class or have any questions, please contact Tim Owens whose contact information is in the advertisement. And, if you are going to attend the class and need an SSP, please check with Tim as far in advance as possible to let him know that you need one. 

Enjoy the winter and wait for the ground hug to come out on February 2nd!


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