Chicago Park District Classes

By Jeffrey Bohrman

Hello all CDBA Members and Friends;

Below, you will see the announcements for two spring classes with  Chicago Park District, which I plan to attend personally myself.  It would be most critical that if you are interested in attending either the ceramics or gardening classes, you are to contact Timothy Owens to request for the attachment at your very earliest convince.  Please to assure that you have reasonable accommodations being made to these two classes more enjoyable and productive for you.  I would like to note the day of week and times for each class so you can quickly decide if you can attend either or even both to these two classes as I am.  The gardening classes will be just 5 weeks session this years and are on Wednesdays from 10Am to 11:30AM.  You would also learn how to do some cooking, which I have enjoyed in the past.  The ceramics classes will last ten weeks and are on Fridays from 12:00PM to 2:00PM.  Please note that these two classes are in two different locations.  If you have any questions, please contact me at or Timothy Owens at

Thank you, and ENJOY the spring – FINALLY!

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