Chicago Park District

Great Opportunity for The DeafBlind at the Chicago Park District

By Jeffrey Bohrman, Ph.D.

This fall I have been enjoying a couple of classes in the Chicago Park District. One is Gardening which is held at Kilbourn Park on 3501 North Kilbourn on Wednesday mornings from 10 AM to 2PM. The other class is ceramics which is held on Fridays from noon to two PM at the Athletic Field located on 3645 North Central Park Avenue. Both are fully accessible to those of us who are DeafBlind provided that you have SSPs working with you. There are few classes left for this fall term but you are all most welcome to join us. There are three classes for gardening left – we will be making creamed spinach next week, then on Halloween Day we will be painting gourds and/or pumpkins and on the last Wednesday, we will be learning the basics of Jelly making and have an opportunity, hopefully, to taste homemade jelly from their garden. This has been a very enjoyable term where we made homemade herb tea bags which I loved and had several cups of tea with the same bag which made me feel a bit healthier; packed seeds from the sunflower, garlic and a few others to plant next spring,; and others. If you are interested and want to go for the last three classes for only five dollars (if you are a senior citizen, this would come to only $2.50), Please contact Tim below as soon as possible and try to bring your own SSPs because this is a bit late for us to recruit them:  Owens, Timothy

There are Deaf and Blind folks in these classes. I do interact with the blind folks in our Gardening class and it has been fun chatting with them with an SSP on my side. There are three Deaf people in the Ceramics but we are all too busy with our had to do much chatting with each other. I am currently making a planter and in the past, I’ve made a number of bowls, colanders, planter, heart shaped dishes, big dog “candy” dish, etc. It is fun to be creative with clay as well as painting. This winter term, there will be ceramics class again, and this will also continue through next spring along with maybe a gardening/cooking class (I hope!).

Get on out and get a break from your daily everyday life to discover and have fun!

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