Don’t Forget to Vote!

We want to remind you that it is important to vote on or before November 8th.  You have right to be part of American Democracy!  Your vote means you are telling government what you want.

You can vote on Tuesday, November 8 at your official polling location near your home, or you can vote early.  Early voting can be through mail-in ballot or at special locations such as libraries.    Make sure you learn who are the candidates.  We are not just voting for President and Vice President.  We are also voting for Senator and House of Representatives and many important local elections.

Don’t know who is on your ballot?   Want to know where to go to vote?  Want to make sure you are registered to vote?  You can do all that by visiting   (Note:  This website is not tested yet for braille accessibility.  If you need assistance, you may contact one of us at LeCOBDA and we can get the information and e-mail to you. Just send an email to and tell us your mailing address so we can match to your voting location.)


Be a proud DeaefBlind American!   Vote!

Stay tuned for more exciting news from LeCOBDA coming VERY soon!

The LeCOBDA Officers

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