Hearing Aid Legislation in Springfield

If you wear hearing aids, you know that buying a hearing aid can be very expensive.  Not only that, but most private insurers do not cover the costs of hearing aids.  With hearing aids now costing thousands of dollars per ear, immediate financial relief is sorely needed.

The Illinois State Legislature aims to put an end to this unfair practice of excluding hearing aids from private insurance coverage.  Right now, there are two bills moving through the Illinois State Senate and Illinois Sate House.  They are legislatie bills SB 38 was introduced by Chicago Senator Ira Silverstein and HB 1231 was introduced by Bloomington Representative Dan Brady.  Both bills want to make private insurers pay up to $2,500 per hearing aid per ear per every three years.

So contact your state representatives soon to let them know to please support these bills.  Legislators need to hear from you why this is so very important to all of us.   You can learn more about this legislation by clicking here.


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