Light a Candle to Get It Done Illinois!

This is a call to action, and we need every one of you to support this important rally!


Did you know that the state of Illinois has not passed a budget in a year?  Many social services have been forced to cut back and some even closed down.   Many services that support the DeafBlind are under serious threat.   This includes independent living centers, DeafBlind training, and equipment programs.   Programs like ITAC and ICRE-Wood and Title XX may be under serious threat after July 1.   We do not know if the state will approve a new budget.  If so, many of these programs may be permanently cut until a new budget happens.


This is SERIOUS!  The new officers of LeCOBDA, including President Bryen M Yunashko, Vice President Jason Salerno, Treasurer Darrell Washington, and Secretary Suzanne Salerno stand united on this. We cannot allow the state of Illinois to miss the budget deadline on July 1.  Your quality of life is at stake.


On June 28th, there will be a rally of thousands of people at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago.    It will be a candlelight vigil starting at 6 p.m.    We need to make sure the DeafBlind community is REPRESENTED!    Do not ignore this. We need YOU!



On Tuesday, June 28th, all DeafBlind people will meet at PotBelly’s restaurant on State Street and Lake Street in downtown Chicago.  We are working hard to make sure there will be plenty of interpreters and SSPs ready to work with us.  We will then walk together to the Thompson Center.    You do not need to bring a candle if you do not want to.  We know it is hard to hold a candle and cane and tactile sign at the same time.  Important thing is, you are THERE!    Show your spirit, show you care!  We all care about each other,  does Illinois state government care about us?    Demand them to pass budget so our programs stay!

State and Lake streets are located easily near the Red, Green, Orange, Brown lines and two blocks near the Blue Line.    If you need assistance to get to that corner, please let us know, we will try our best.   We will also try our best to send SSPs to the Metra stations.

This is MAJOR.   Show you can do it!    See you on Tuesday evening!   We are together!

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