October CDBA

OOPS – it is October 13, not the 12th.

Happy Fall Greetings!

With such beautiful autumn finally being here, it is indeed refreshing to
be outside and take nice walks in the crispy cool weather and see the
colors of the leaves on the trees changing their colors and falling down.
This is surely not like being in Vermont where they have most magnificent
colors of bright orange, bright yellow and cherry red, etc. – quite
breath taking there. When our son was in University of Vermont we always
made a point of visiting in the fall as not to miss the scenery. But that
was “years ago” now. But memories stay on and now it’s time to think
about our next CDBA event which is our annual Halloween party this coming
Saturday, October 812, 2018. Please do be creative and come on out in
your cool costumes – if you just want to do your face/head, that is just
fine. Prizes will be given out for the best Halloween dressed. If all
plans go as to what I want to be (not telling you just as yet, LOL), I
may be the winner. However, I will not be in the competition as I’m the
President of CDBA and want to see our DeafBlind folks be just as creative
as I am or even more so. Lunch will be served, naturally, as we never
see DeafBlind and SSPs go home hungry for food as we will be feeding you.
Come on out hungry! There will be a game or two. If any of you know of
a great Halloween game to be a part of the Halloween celebration,

PLEASE send me an email: Jeffrey.Bohrman@gmail.com

And we can work in a team. This is your club and not just mine and I
strongly believe that everyone should contribute or two to CDB
Afro our events. Speaking of ‘contribution”, I was not talk about
donations but now I am bringing the topic of “donations”. We would very
most sincerely appreciate if you, the DeafBlind, can donate AT LEAST five
dollars to help defray the costs of lunches for yourselves and for your
SSPs. This is not free food so we would really appreciate your help and
just be honest and fair with yourself to make a donation to Torrance, our
wonderful CDBA Treasurer. Thank you in advance. Details are below:

When: Saturday, October 13, 2018
Time: 11 AM to 3 PM (For those of you using public transportation such
as PACE, please request your return trip to be no later than 2:30 PM as
there will be no one around to help you, should the driver be late)
Where: The Chicago Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind
1850 West Roosevelt Blvd.
Chicago, IL

If any of you are coming in by train and need transportation, please let
Mindy Mayer, our fantastic CDBA Secretary, know.

And, RSVP is a “MUST” to help us figure out how many lunch packets to
order so no one will go hungry if there is not enough food! Please RSVP
no later than Thursday at noon, on October 10th. If you have any
questions, please contact me or Mindy Mayer at her email address below:

Come one and ALL out to the Lighthouse this Saturday and have fun looking
at others in their costumes and maybe play “Guessing Who” game with each

OHHH, one more thing, we would appreciate some of you to bring some
desserts to share with everyone or you may get many tricks instead of
treats! LOL!

Enjoy your week!


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