October CDBA

OOPS – it is October 13, not the 12th.

Happy Fall Greetings!

With such beautiful autumn finally being here, it is indeed refreshing to
be outside and take nice walks in the crispy cool weather and see the
colors of the leaves on the trees changing their colors and falling down.
This is surely not like being in Vermont where they have most magnificent
colors of bright orange, bright yellow and cherry red, etc. – quite
breath taking there. When our son was in University of Vermont we always
made a point of visiting in the fall as not to miss the scenery. But that
was “years ago” now. But memories stay on and now it’s time to think
about our next CDBA event which is our annual Halloween party this coming
Saturday, October 812, 2018. Please do be creative and come on out in
your cool costumes – if you just want to do your face/head, that is just
fine. Prizes will be given out for the best Halloween dressed. If all
plans go as to what I want to be (not telling you just as yet, LOL), I
may be the winner. However, I will not be in the competition as I’m the
President of CDBA and want to see our DeafBlind folks be just as creative
as I am or even more so. Lunch will be served, naturally, as we never
see DeafBlind and SSPs go home hungry for food as we will be feeding you.
Come on out hungry! There will be a game or two. If any of you know of
a great Halloween game to be a part of the Halloween celebration,

PLEASE send me an email: Jeffrey.Bohrman@gmail.com

And we can work in a team. This is your club and not just mine and I
strongly believe that everyone should contribute or two to CDB
Afro our events. Speaking of ‘contribution”, I was not talk about
donations but now I am bringing the topic of “donations”. We would very
most sincerely appreciate if you, the DeafBlind, can donate AT LEAST five
dollars to help defray the costs of lunches for yourselves and for your
SSPs. This is not free food so we would really appreciate your help and
just be honest and fair with yourself to make a donation to Torrance, our
wonderful CDBA Treasurer. Thank you in advance. Details are below:

When: Saturday, October 13, 2018
Time: 11 AM to 3 PM (For those of you using public transportation such
as PACE, please request your return trip to be no later than 2:30 PM as
there will be no one around to help you, should the driver be late)
Where: The Chicago Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind
1850 West Roosevelt Blvd.
Chicago, IL

If any of you are coming in by train and need transportation, please let
Mindy Mayer, our fantastic CDBA Secretary, know.

And, RSVP is a “MUST” to help us figure out how many lunch packets to
order so no one will go hungry if there is not enough food! Please RSVP
no later than Thursday at noon, on October 10th. If you have any
questions, please contact me or Mindy Mayer at her email address below:

Come one and ALL out to the Lighthouse this Saturday and have fun looking
at others in their costumes and maybe play “Guessing Who” game with each

OHHH, one more thing, we would appreciate some of you to bring some
desserts to share with everyone or you may get many tricks instead of
treats! LOL!

Enjoy your week!


September 8

Mindy Joy here, we apologize for the last minute announcement as we were having an issue with the website and I was not in the office for the past few days. But here’s the announcement for this Saturday.

The Desk of CDBA President

By Jeffrey Bohrman

This past summer has been flying by truly too fast for many of us and I bet many of you have wonderful and pleasant memories of vacations, conferences and just being outside to enjoy the warm weather. One of the highlights was the fantastic DBTR (DeafBlind Training & Retreat) that was held here in Chicago last month. Our most efficient and AMAZING CDBA Secretary, Mindy Joy Mayer, and her most awesome committee did an awesome job of planning this retreat that was enjoyed by one and everyone. For me, I had a special treat as several of my old friends including one 82 year old lady traveled from Ohio to here for the retreat and it was great catching up all the news of my former stomping roots.

Speaking Of our summer activities as above, how about if we all share our experiences with one another on Saturday, September8, 2018 at our monthly CDBA event. WE will be meeting at the Lighthouse from 11 AM until 3 PM. For those of you who use PACE or get picked up by someone else not attending the event, may we ask that you get picked up at 2:30 PM. This will allow the flexibility should the driver be late but can be on site no later than 2:55 as the doors will get locked at 3 PM – Thanks!

Also, EVERYONE who plans to come, please RSVP to Mindy as above but Thursday noon, September 6, 2018 so we can be prepared to have enough food for everyone. Also, if any one of you who loves to bake, like I do! We’d love to have you bring in some dessert to share with others, please.   If you are doing this, will you also let Mindy know as well so there’d be enough dessert for all plus some to take home.

We will be planning to have a Halloween party in October, annual Thanksgiving lunch in November, and annual Holiday luncheon in December as well. So please mark your calendar for the second Saturday of each month.


I will be sending out some additional announcements with details in each of them for classes at the Chicago Park District and calling Social Security to their own VP’s. Be on the lookout for them.

We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!


Search for Vision “A Toast For A Cure”

Chicago Alliance to Fund Retinal Research


Lagunitas Tap Room

 All the proceeds spent on beer goes to SEARCH FOR VISION and  Benefit the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago  Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science.

When –  Tuesday – August  14, 2018  5:30 – 8:30

Where – Lagunitas Taproom  2607 W. 17th Street  Chicago

Accessible from 290 & 90/94

Admission and  food – $25  CASH BAR (MUST BE OVER 21 to attend)

Special Italian food from Lucia’s Deli

The full line of great Lagunitas beers will be available for $6 each.

Make your checks payable to Search For Vision and mail to;


1011 South Waiola  Avenue

La Grange, IL 60525

 Or Call  708 354 4620 for credit card payment and further information.

Ann Rasch  —  arasch 1761 @ aol.com











Add the announcement


This is added for the CDBA, June 9th.

By Jeffrey Bohrman


The R.S.V.P.’s are flowing in fast and we are getting excited about the upcoming cookout this Saturday, June 9th at the Chicago Lighthouse. See the previous announcement for details and be sure to send your R.S.V.P. to Mindy Mayer by Wednesday, June 6th which is just two days away.

There are a couple of things I wish to add to my original announcement.

We are asking all members to donate at least $5 for your delicious lunch to help defray the cost of food. If you cannot afford to donate, we will certainly understand and we want to start fundraising projects to raise funds.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

The other announcement that I failed to mention is if any of you need transportation from/to the train station, please be sure to let Mindy know so that she can arrange for this as it will be The Chicago Lighthouse van.

Again, we are looking forward to seeing many of you at the cookout. Yummy, yummy!!

Something New and Fun For June 9th CDBA Gathering Event!

By Jeffrey Bohrman

Greetings everyone! What a wonderful Mexican celebration we all had at the Lighthouse on May 19th.  Roge, our Vice-President, and his most devoted family brought wonderful dishes from their friends’ restaurant along with most delicious desserts as well.  For those of you, including myself, did you have fun trying to break the Piñata get all the candy for yourselves?  Being on the patio for the piñata game, I got the idea as to what we might do for the June 9th CDBA event.  I thought it would be great to have a cookout.   The Ramos most once again generously agreed to help us with the event.  Roge Claims his father is a very experienced chef at the grill! We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie patties along with the traditional side dishes for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you, the Ramos family.  When:         Saturday, June 9, 2018

Time:     11 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.

Where:  The Chicago Lighthouse for Visually Impaired and Blind

1850 W. Roosevelt Road

Chicago, IL 60608

R.S.V.P. Wednesday, June 6, 2018 Noon for BOTH DeafBlind and SSPs. Email at mindy.mayer@chicagolighthouse.org to RSVP, please. We really, really need the count so we can be sure we have enough food for all of you.

IF anyone of wanting to bring desserts, you are more than welcome to bring them which we will appreciate R.S.V.P. so that we know if we have enough desserts or not.   We are looking forward to having you at the cookout.  Also, please come armed with ideas as to what we can do for our future CDBA events.  Remember that CDBA is not just for the Board but it is for EVERYONE of you out there – DeafBlind, SSPs, and friends!

Happy World Accessibility Awareness Day

Did you know today is World Accessibility Awareness Day?   Yes, today is the day  we celebrate all the great things tht tehnology has done for us to make our world more accessible and to help spread the word for MORE accessibility everywhere for all of us.  We have the right to access our world!  Happy Accessibility Day to you!

As a reminder, we need your RSVP for this weekend’s Mexican fiesta luncheon.   Pleas send your RSVP to hello@bryen.com.  We already have many but we don’t want you to miss out.  So send to us no later than Wednesday evening!

At this luncheon, we will also be introducing our new officers to you all.  Please welcome our new President, Jeffrey Bohrman who will then introduce you to all the new officers on Saturday!   It is a time of great celebration as we continue to move forward as a great DeafBlind community for the Chicagoland DeafBlind Alliance!

Saturday’s event will be at the Chicago Lighthouse from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and is at 1850 W. Roosevelt Road in Chicago.   Don’t forget to RSVP to hello@bryen.com!

Thanks— The CDBA Team!

May is Here for CDBA!

Hello folks!

May is finally here and more improtantly, the warm weather is also FINALLY here.  Today, on Tuesday, May 8, it is expected to be 81 degrees in Chicago.  THat’s VEYY warm!    Did you know tht April 2018 was the coldest April in Chicago history?  Brr!

First, important foryou to know.  We are having trouble with our organization email account.  Please do not send email to info@chicagodeafblind.org until further notice.   Please make all replies directly to hello@bryen.com.

As always, each year we do not host CDBA luncheon during Mother’s Day weekend.  Therefore, our next event will be on May 19th, 2018.

Remember how much fun we had last year with Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the Chicago Lighthouse with tasty food brought by Roge’s family?   And we had fun decorations and a pinata.   Good news!  We will do that AGAIN this year!  This is based onpopular demand by our members.  So, get ready for some awesome fajitas and great Mexican food on that day!

But we need you to RSVP no later than Wednesday, May 16 to be sure we have enough food for everyone.   If you can afford it, please make a donation of $5 to help coer the cost of the food.  If you cannot afford it, that is fine too.

So, our event will be from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on May 19th, Saturday at the Chicago Lighthouse.  The address is 1850 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL.

SSPs and volunteers are also welcome.  Again, don’t forget to send your RSVP to hello@bryen.com to make sure we include you in our guest list!

Thank you and enjoy this wonderful warm weather!


CDBA April Meeting

Hello Fellow CDBA members!

Brr… It’s April, and still very cold out there.   Where are you warm weather???   No worries, we can rely on the warmth of our community as we gather for a nice warm luncheon at the Chicago Lightouse on April 14th.

Our meeting will begin at 11 a.m. and last until 2:30 p.m.  We will provide lunch, so please bring your own beverages and let us know that you are coming by sending an email to info@chicagodeafblind.org.

Please also let us know if you will be an SSP volunteer or if you need transportation assistance from the train station.

Deadline to notify us is Wednesday, April 11th.

Reminder:   This is your time to consider if you are interested to run for CDBA Officer in 2018.   We will have general discussion and people nomination on April 14th.   We will then post your omination on CDBA’s website and hold a vote via email as well as in person at the May meeting.

CDBA needs you and your support.  This is a grea way to contribute to the organization and be a advocate for your fellow Chicago DeafBlind community!   We will have the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Don’t worry if you have never done this before.  This is a great learning opportunity with such a wonderful group.  We look forward to your participation!

The CDBA Team

CDBA March 10 Reminder

Hello all,

A friendly reminder that as mentioned in previous posting, our meetings are now on second Saturday of the month which means this coming Saturday, March 10th is our next event.   It will be at the Lighthouse.

Chicago Lighthouse

1850 W. Roosevelt Road

Chicago, IL

Time:  11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Don’t forget, if you will have a driver, make sure pick up no later than 2:30 p.m.


Let us know if you are coming as member or as volunteer SSP.  Send us an email no later than Thursday, March 8 to info@chicagodeafblind.org

Looking forward to seeing you all on this last meeting before Spring finally arrives!  Yay!

The CDBA Team

CDBA February 10 Meeting Cancelled

Hello everyone,  we have some news to tell you.  We regret that due to much snow coming beginning tonight thhrough Sunday, have made a decision.   It is better for everyone to stay hoe and safe and make snowmen and snowwomen at home.

We will rejoin each other for our regular meeting on March 10.   More information will come soon about that event in the next week or so.

Please, everyone, stay safe, stay warm, and if you will go out in the snow, make sure you have lots of fun and throw snowballs and build beautiful snow forts!

On Friday, it is predicted that there will be 7.1 inches of snow.  On Saturday, it is predicted another 1.6 inches of snow.    There is a winter storm warning that begins tonight, Thursday until 6 p.m. Friday.    Wear your gloves and scarf!