September 8

Mindy Joy here, we apologize for the last minute announcement as we were having an issue with the website and I was not in the office for the past few days. But here’s the announcement for this Saturday.

The Desk of CDBA President

By Jeffrey Bohrman

This past summer has been flying by truly too fast for many of us and I bet many of you have wonderful and pleasant memories of vacations, conferences and just being outside to enjoy the warm weather. One of the highlights was the fantastic DBTR (DeafBlind Training & Retreat) that was held here in Chicago last month. Our most efficient and AMAZING CDBA Secretary, Mindy Joy Mayer, and her most awesome committee did an awesome job of planning this retreat that was enjoyed by one and everyone. For me, I had a special treat as several of my old friends including one 82 year old lady traveled from Ohio to here for the retreat and it was great catching up all the news of my former stomping roots.

Speaking Of our summer activities as above, how about if we all share our experiences with one another on Saturday, September8, 2018 at our monthly CDBA event. WE will be meeting at the Lighthouse from 11 AM until 3 PM. For those of you who use PACE or get picked up by someone else not attending the event, may we ask that you get picked up at 2:30 PM. This will allow the flexibility should the driver be late but can be on site no later than 2:55 as the doors will get locked at 3 PM – Thanks!

Also, EVERYONE who plans to come, please RSVP to Mindy as above but Thursday noon, September 6, 2018 so we can be prepared to have enough food for everyone. Also, if any one of you who loves to bake, like I do! We’d love to have you bring in some dessert to share with others, please.   If you are doing this, will you also let Mindy know as well so there’d be enough dessert for all plus some to take home.

We will be planning to have a Halloween party in October, annual Thanksgiving lunch in November, and annual Holiday luncheon in December as well. So please mark your calendar for the second Saturday of each month.


I will be sending out some additional announcements with details in each of them for classes at the Chicago Park District and calling Social Security to their own VP’s. Be on the lookout for them.

We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!


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