The DeafBlind Forum was AMAZING!

The first ever Chicago DeafBlind Forum was well attended! There were 77 participants in the DeafBlind session and 97 participants in the Ally session. Here is a recap of all the discussion topics.

DeafBlind Needs and Concerns:
Change name of LeCOBDA
Peer/Support Group
Family/Parent/Children Support Group
Family of DeafBlind Outreach
Communication: access; sign language classes; ProTactile workshops
SSP (Support Service Provider) volunteer programs
DeafBlind member workshops
Education accessibility
Transportation: needs drastic improvement; discount card; communication card
DeafBlind Committee volunteers needed

Ally Session Discussion Topics:
“LeCOBDA” establishing independence from Chicago Lighthouse by forming non-profit 501(c)3 organization (under new name)
We become point of contact for DeafBlind issues
Create peer support groups of DeafBlind in different locations
Create mental health advocacy group
Train Interpreters to work with DeafBlind
Establish state standards for DeafBlind Interpreting
Create SSP Registry
Develop SSP as recognized profession
Create sign language classes accessible to blind
Transportation- need text capabilities; send paratransit complaints to
Collaborate with organizations for improved access
Advisory Committees need DeafBlind representation
Upcoming legislation on certified DeafBlind Intervenors for children at school
Develop identification card for DeafBlind

Our discussions will continue. We want to know your opinions.
Please contact a board member to join a committee!

The LeCOBDA Officers


4 thoughts on “The DeafBlind Forum was AMAZING!”

  1. Is there any possibility or thought of having a future SSP or protactlile training further north?
    Have you ever gathered at the deaf center SWOBODA or any of the north suburbs?
    I’m really wanting to volunteer and become involved.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a great meeting! It was well organized, access provided. Thank you to the organizers, thank you to Bryen for keeping the meeting running smoothly, thank you to the interpreters, SSPs, Columbia College, and everybody who attended. Project Reach is eager to continue to work with DeafBlind Rockers and Allies!

  3. Hello. I am a totally blind hearing individual. I’m extremely passionate about disability advocacy and support particularly to do with mental health I have a BS in counseling. I’d really want to learn sign language. Would love to connect with someone from your organization about this and to help in any way I can

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